Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Russia Able To Hack Hillary Thanks To Microsoft.....

For YEARS I have said the reason Communist Red China can so easily hack everything in the United States is because Bill Gates went to Communist Red China in 2003 and opened the source code to windows.
Microsoft did that to show the Communists how secure Windows is but in doing so turned over all the secrets.
It has been a hackathon ever since.
BUT Microsoft wasn’t done turning over all the secrets.
Microsoft also went to Putin and his friends in Russia and showed them all the secrets too.
That is why Hillary has such a hard time keeping Putin out of all her emails.
It is all Microsofts fault. Microsofts executives should be locked up.
“A senior security source with links to the UK government told ZDNet UK on Wednesday that the 2002 deal was part of Microsoft's Government Security Program. Nato also signed up, said the source.”
“Having a number of different governments with access to Microsoft code meant it was possible that a government could find holes in the code and use it to exploit another nation-state's systems, said the source.”
"If a government has the source code it can find different sorts of security vulnerabilities and perhaps exploit them”
Microsoft is the biggest threat to US National Security and has been for over a decade.
Nobody pays any attention to what Microsoft has done (except me) but as long as Microsoft can sell more copies (of their terrible software) to Russia they are fine selling out the United States.
Microsofts willingness to compromise everyone’s security is why Google banned their employees from using Microsoft.

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