Saturday, October 8, 2016

Hillary In Bed With Wall Street....Just like you already knew.....

Transparency in the US government brought to you by Vladimir Putin.
Not Hillary Clinton.
Hillary Clinton doesn't want you to know nothing about nothing.
You knew why Hillary wouldn't tell you what she said to Wall Street Bankers (behind closed doors) after she received 21 MILLION Dollars.
What you thought was correct.
Hillary is in bed with Wall Street and everything she believes is good for them is terrible for you.
Hillary tells you she is against free trade. Hillary tells them she LOVES free trade. The truth....She loves free trade.
Hillary tells you she will protect Social Security. Hillary tells them she supports cutting social security. The truth....She supports cutting Social Security.
Hillary tells you she wants to regulate Wall Street. Hillary tells them she wants THEM to regulate themselves. Put the fox in charge of the hen house. That worked great in 07 when all the banks crashed and YOU bailed them out.
Hillary admits (behind closed doors) that what she tells you is NOT the truth. Lying to you is all part of what Hillary does.
See.....It is hard to screw you over and tell you you are being screwed over. It is much easier to smile in your face and tell lies. Then proceed to screw you over while you are not paying attention.
Hillary tells you she knows what is going on with the middle class. But she tells Wall Street she is so stinken rich she really is out of touch. Being in the Washington bubble for 25 years (while stacking hundreds of millions of dollars in your personal bank account) will do that.
Clinton can tell you all about how she will stand up to Putin and keep you safe........ but the reality is she can't keep her own emails safe. Putin makes her look like a fool over and over.

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