Friday, October 14, 2016

Obama Needs Attention.....

Obama is upset everyone is paying attention to Hillary and Donald and nobody is paying attention to him.
It bothers him.
Obama wants you to pay attention to him. Please.....
He will saying anything to get your attention.
How about We will go to Mars......Does that impress anyone?
Obama is going to be the first President in over 50 years that will leave office with America NOT able to get astronauts into space.
When he came into office in 2008 we could get people into space.........but when he leaves in 2017 we can no longer get people into space. Progress......
Obama turned the space program over to private companies......Oh good......Last month you got to watch Elon Musks rocket blow up on the launch pad in spectacular fashion. Progress.
My guess is people won't be real excited about getting on top of Elons rocket (anytime soon) with that fire ball fresh in everyone's mind.
But hey lets talk about 2030......We are going to Mars.....Yay.
Obama should stop being so distracting and let everyone get back to making fun of Hillary and Donald and Gary.

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