Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hillary Says ISIS Funded By Saudi Arabia.......

Hillary Clinton says Saudi Arabia is funding Isis.  

Well of course they are.  Saudi Arabia is Sunni.  Isis is Sunni.  Iraq is now controlled by the Shia aligned with Iran.  Syria is controlled by the Shia aligned with Iran.  ISIS is fighting both of them.  Saudi Arabia loves it.  Keep the fight in those country's and stay out of the kingdom.

Hillary Clinton knows all this.  Hillary knows that the reason Isis never runs out of money is because of sponsorship from Saudi Arabia.  

The same Saudi Arabia that supported 9/11.  3,000 dead Americans sponsored by Saudi Arabia. 

Saudi Arabia also supports the Clinton Foundation.  $25,000,000.00 to Hillary and Bill.

That is why you never publicly hear Hillary Clinton criticize Saudi Arabia.  Doesn't matter if they help kill Americans.  Doesn't matter if they help fund the enemy's of humanity.  

If Millions of Dollars are going to Hillary and Bill that is good enough for Hillary.  

Under Obama the United States sells more weapons to Saudi Arabia than any other country on Earth.  $60,000,000,000.00 in US weapons going to the Saudis.  The same Saudis helping ISIS.

It is not hard to see why we never win these wars.  It is our fault that we never win because we are totally dumb.  And Hillary is  rich.  It is a great deal for her. 

 Are you with her?  Because she is with them......The supporters of ISIS.

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