Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hacking The Election......

After the White House was hacked. The State Dept was been hacked. The Pentagon was been hacked. Almost every major corporation in America has been hacked. The NY Times has been hacked………. but you are supposed to believe the election cannot be hacked. Don’t even worry about it.
10 years ago Lou Dobbs did a whole series on CNN called “Democracy at risk” all about how electronic voting machines were not secure and putting our democracy at risk. But you are supposed to believe that today it is all good.
“Why is it unlikely the presidential election can be swayed by a hack?”
(“Unlikely” is not them saying “It can’t happen”. “Unlikely” means it totally could happen.)
“That's not to say voting machines don't have vulnerabilities -- those have been well documented and studied for more than 10 years.”
(Documenting and studying is not fixing. They don’t say anything about things be fixed…..Just documented and studied. Wonderful.)
“But to influence the outcome of a presidential election or statewide race would require physical tampering on a grand scale across in counties across multiple states on Election Day: In other words, it essentially can't be done.”
(This is completely wrong. You don’t need to tamper with the entire election. You only need to affect certain swing states that are already close. Do that and you change the outcome of the entire election.)
First he says………"Nobody is going to be able to change the outcome of the presidential vote by hacking voting machines. The system is too distributed, too decentralized, too many implementations for any individual actor or group to make substantial change," said Nicholas Weaver, a computer scientist and cybersecurity expert at the International Computer Science Institute at the University of California, Berkeley.
Then he says……"Yes, they're horribly insecure, yes, many of them give me nightmares," he continued, "but the attacker's not going to be able to change the outcome of the presidential vote that way."
(That is right……. everything is so secure it gives him nightmares. They can’t do it “that way” but they can do it?)
“About 75% of votes will be cast on machines that generate a paper trail, adding further confidence.
(That leaves 25% of voting machines with no paper trail. Yes confidence indeed)

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