Sunday, October 23, 2016

Great Barrier Reef Is Dying......

The Great Barrier Reef is in trouble.  

That is the news which people are concerned about.  Is it dead?....Is it dying?.....Is it in serious trouble?  Depending on what you read it is all of those things.

Experts blame the issues on Climate Change and perhaps that is the complete story.  

I am personally suspicious of the record amounts of radioactive water pouring into the Pacific from Fukushima.  That has been going on everyday for over 5 years.  

Lots of strange things have been happening out in the Pacific since Fukushima. All kinds of sea life has been dying.  The deaths have been blamed on all different things.

The largest living organism dying too 5 years after the triple meltdown (after surviving 500,000 years) is also suspicious in my mind.

Whatever the actual reason the reef is in big trouble and everyone can agree that is not good.

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