Saturday, October 22, 2016

NY Giants Screwed This Up......

After the NFL went through the Ray Rice disaster one would hope they got the message regarding violence against woman NEVER being tolerated. Not ever. Not on any level. Period.
The New York Giants love to pretend they operate on a higher moral ground than other dysfunctional teams. But as we see here that is not really the case.
Josh Brown abused his wife. Josh Brown admitted he abused his wife. Josh Brown was arrested for abusing his wife. Yet the NY Giants still signed him to a 4 million dollar contract. The NFL suspended Josh Brown for ONLY one game.
Now new details have emerged about just how horrible Josh Brown was to his wife. The Giants are under siege as a result of these discoveries and rightfully so.
The Giants are trying to pretend they didn't know the extend of the abuse that went on. That excuse is not going to fly. Once the the police slapped hand cuffs on Josh Brown the Giants should have known the extent. Any extent is too much.
Playing in the NFL is a privilege..... not a right. If you abuse woman then you should not be allowed in the NFL. Doesn't matter how well you kick the ball through the uprights. There is no place for violence against woman. That is true not just in sports but in society overall.
Any team that is still not getting this message deserves to be humiliated in the court of public opinion. Josh Brown should be cut immediately and the Giants (and the NFL) should apologize (Again) for screwing this up.
The word needs to go out to all professional athletes.....If you abuse women you are finding new employment in a different career.

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