Thursday, October 20, 2016

Bill Belichick Hates The Surface......

How does Bill Belichick get back at the NFL for punishing his team for repeated cheating.....
He publically humiliates one of the leagues main sponors.
Microsoft Surface is an official sponsor of the NFL. Their sh*tty tablets are prominently displayed on every NFL sideline.
Bill Belichick who never shows any emotion (at all) ever is seen smashing a Microsoft surface into a table to let everyone know this product sucks.
Then Bill Belichick who never talks about anything of relevance at any press conference he has ever held spends several minutes letting reporters know he thinks the Microsoft surface is total sh*t. He lets everyone know he won't be using those worthless devises anymore.
Bill would rather look at a still picture than spend any more time with Microsofts junkie Surface in his hands.
The NFL is in full freak out mode trying to fix the damage.

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