Monday, October 24, 2016

Supporting The Troops....In Words Only.

Everybody loves to talk about how they support the troops.
The military supports the troops. The Politicians support the troops. Everyone supports the troops. It is the most important thing.
So lets get this straight.....The United States starts a fictitious war in Iraq. The Pentagon entices citizens to go fight (their fictitious war) with thousands of dollars in bonuses.
Soldiers sign up and leave their families.....Leave their lives behind to go and fight for their country. They suffer many injuries and PTSD . They come home to a VA system that is a total neglected disaster. Many end up unemployed and homeless.
Now 10 years later the military (who loves to support the troops) wants the money back. $22 Million bucks. Hand it over.
So far nobody (politicians) have stepped up to say this cannot happen.
Sorry politicians have no time for soldiers and their problems.
The top 1% will come up with $1,000,000,000.00 for Hillary Clinton to be President....... but not one penny for the soldiers who are being picked on......Who they pretend to support.
Last night President Obama was at a $10,000 a plate fundraiser. That money is not being raised to help the soldiers. Sorry. You are on your own.
Northrup Grumman rips off the Pentagon for $500,000,000,000.00 for the F-35 that doesn't do anything it is supposed to do. The government does not say they need any of that money back. In fact they keep coming up with more and more money to hand over to Northrup. Here take it all. If you need more we will get it from our old soldiers.
The NAVY is being ripped off Billions (and billions and billions) of dollars on the USS Gerald R Ford which is WAY over budget and doesn't do anything it is supposed to do either. The pentagon does not ask for any of that money back either.
But the soldiers in the National Guard will be held responsible for the $22,000,000. Yes of course.....The military needs that money back for sure.
Yes....Please tell me some more about how everyone supports the troops.

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