Thursday, October 27, 2016

Homeless Fighting Back.....

If you have no home do you still deserve respect?  Do you still have rights?  

Two weeks ago I posted about Homeless being shooed away in San Francisco.  They are also getting shooed away in Denver.  

In Denver the homeless are suing.

The problem is nobody likes poor homeless people.  The homeless are a problem.  They are a nuisance.  They need to be pushed out of sight.  When they are in sight it makes it appear that Obama didn't really fix the economy at all.  

As a society it is hard to celebrate Bill Gates and Warren Buffett (and all the other Billionaires) when you look out the window and see poor people living in tents on the sidewalk.  

But if you didn't see them living in tents it would be OK.....Right?  You could go on believing society was functioning well and everything was going great.  

So governments are doing everything possible to shoo the homeless away.  Go away....Leave.....Go somewhere else.  If they don't go away then the government takes all their stuff and that is that.  Problem solved.

So will the courts stand up and protect people who have nothing?  Stay tuned.

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