Thursday, October 27, 2016

India Call Centers Ripping Off Americans....

When corporate America decided to move call centers out of United States and over to India it was a terrible thing for American workers.
It also raised serious questions about peoples personal information.
Would it be protected on the other side of the world? Who has access to everyone's information over there? Who was making sure it was all secured?
We were told it was all good. Replacement workers in India were cheaper and everything else would be just fine.
Now we see personal information was not protected at all. $300,000,000.00 stolen from unsuspecting people by Indian call centers. Go ahead and put on your shocked face. Who could have predicted.
Americans lose jobs. Americans lose personal information. Americans lose money. Corporations save a buck. Politicians like Hillary Clinton make it all possible.
Hillary Clinton LOVES sending jobs to India. It is like her favorite thing to do. She went to India and was quoted as saying she is so popular in India she could be the Senator from Punjab. Indians love that Hillary sends all the American jobs over. Her loyalty to India has made her super popular over there.
Corporations love Hillary too. The only people who lose out in the Hillary...... Corporate America........ India....... love fest are the Americans. Too bad nobody represents those people.

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