Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Obama Legacy Swirling Down The Drain.....

Obama is worried about his legacy. It is his fault his legacy will now be tarnished.
At the end of the day Americans really don't care if they are voting for Democrats or Republicans. They just want the people who are going to fix their problems.
Trump 2016 and Obama 2008 are pretty much the same thing.
"Make America Great Again" or "Hope and Change" are pretty much the same thing.
In 2008 Obama told everyone he would fix their problems. People lined up and cheered. He was elected as modern day royalty and showered with good will. Then he proceeded to do none of the things he promised.
In 2016 Trump got elected promising to renegotiate NAFTA. The job stealing trade deal (robbing our country of millions of good jobs) would be corrected. It has been one of his number 1 talking points.
In 2008 Obama promised the exact same thing. Here you can watch Obama promise (over and over) that he would fix NAFTA.
Then he got elected and did nothing to fix NAFTA. The topic never came up again. Then Obama signed every other trade deal he could get his hands on. He would sign even more (TPP) job killing deals if he could get them passed.
This is the reason we now have President Elect Trump. It is Obamas fault. If Obama did what he said he would maybe that wouldn't be the case.
But Obama lied and now he will watch his legacy swirl down the toilet.
Maybe next time he should do what he says and these things wouldn't happen to him.
Now we will see if Trump is a liar too or if NAFTA actually gets renegotiated. If not in 4 years we will have the next guy up.

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