Thursday, November 24, 2016

USS Zumwalt = Total Sh*t.....Add it to the list.

Wasting lots of money.....Brought to you by the US Defense Department.
The most expensive Destroyer ever built....Lasted 1 month and broke down.
$4,000,000,000.00 for one ship.......and it totally sucks.

"The Navy initially planned to order over 20 of the new destroyers but cost overruns and delays caused the number of ships ordered to be reduced to just three vessels".
That is a good deal for the ship manufacturer. Why built 20 when you can build just 3 and take all the money. It is even better when the 3 ships they build don't even have to actually work.
Now it is broken down and will cost even more money to fix it. That is great thing. Cha Ching......
To recap.......The F-35 is the most expensive weapons program in history and it doesn't work. The USS Gerald R Ford is the most expensive Air Craft Carrier in the history and it doesn't work. The USS Zumwalt is the most expensive Destroyer in the history and it also doesn't work.
Any questions about how your tax dollars are being spent?
Meanwhile after wasting Hundreds of Billions of dollars on total nonsense. Nonsense that can't defeat the Taliban, or Al Qaeda, or ISIS, or end the war in Syria............... In California there are so many homeless people living on the streets (120,000) that some are calling on the governor to declare a state of emergency. Too bad there is no money to help them.

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