Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Republicans want to lay off 700,000 people‏


Republicans want to lay off 700,000 workers. That is why you should never vote for Republicans. They fight a fire by dumping gasoline on it. When that fails their solution is to dump even more gasoline.

"the most likely scenario is "a political compromise" that raises the debt limit and "roughly splits the difference between the administration and House Republican proposals with spending cuts in fiscal year 2011 of closer to $30 billion."

30 Billion...... That is what they are looking to save..... No problem. I could save that in 2 seconds.

First please explain why GM pays no taxes. http://chicagobreakingbusiness.com/2010/11/gms-tax-break-worth-as-much-as-45-billion.html

Once you are done explaining it just close that loop hole. There is 45 Billion in Savings. I saved you 15 billion extra.

Problem solved. And you are welcome!

If you want more savings that is not problem either. Have Obama turn to his left and ask Jeffrey Immelt why his company pays $0.00 US taxes.


Then tell him he is going to have to pay his fair share.

You want even more savings...... No problem. Figure out why Ultra Poor Exxon Mobile pays no taxes. http://www.politicolnews.com/exxon-pays-no-taxes-in-usa/

Then close that loop hole too and make them pay their fair share.

See Republicans are always saying corporate taxes need to be dropped. I am not sure how you drop them lower then zero.

The problem here is clear and government workers are not part of it. Corporate America getting a free ride is. These Giant corporations pay nothing into the system and then take out ever chance they get in bail outs and stimulus money.

Fix that problem first.....Then we can talk about what else needs to be done.

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