Monday, July 30, 2012

US Attack Plan shown to Israel‏

 An Israeli newspaper reported Sunday that the Obama administration's top security official has briefed Israel on U.S. plans for a possible attack on Iran, seeking to reassure it that Washington is prepared to act militarily should diplomacy and sanctions fail to pressure Tehran to abandon its nuclear enrichment program. Translation - please don’t attack Iran before the November Election.  We have a plan and there is no need to rush.  So please trust us and do nothing.  Please…Please…Please.

Haaretz said National Security Adviser Tom Donilon laid out the plans before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a dinner at a visit to Israel earlier this month.  See the USA has a plan….  Look at all these papers (maps, weapons systems, troop positions) and relax.  The most important thing is the election. You guys not screwing it up with another war.  Wars are a distraction and Obama needs the time to explain why there are still no jobs 4 years after hope and change.  Please allow him to focus.

The American official also said Donilon shared information on U.S. weapons that could be used for such an attack, and on the U.S. military's ability to reach Iranian nuclear facilities buried deep underground, the newspaper said. It cited another U.S. official involved in the talks with Israel as concluding that "the time for a military operation against Iran has not yet come."  We can discuss again after Obama wins reelection. For now just sit tight.  Please…. nothing screws up a campaign like another expensive war.

The U.S. Embassy had no immediate comment. Haaretz cited Tommy Vietor, a spokesman for the U.S. National Security Council, as declining to comment on the confidential discussion between Netanyahu and Donilon. The White House also declined comment.

Both Israel and the U.S. think Iran's ultimate aim is to develop weapons technology, and not just produce energy and medical isotopes as Tehran claims. U.S. officials are concerned that Israel might attack Iranian nuclear facilities prematurely (Before the election), and have been trying to convince Israeli leaders they can depend on Washington to keep Iran from becoming a nuclear power.  Trust the US to stop Iran…..  Sure the last 6 years of trying to stop Iran have been a failure.  Sure the US was unsuccessful stopping North Korea from developing Nuclear Weapons.  In 2001 Bush declared North Korea part of the Axis of Evil and they wouldn’t be allowed to get a Nuclear weapon.  In 2006 they got the nuclear weapon anyway.  Just like Pakistan got one.  Just like India got one.  But this time will be different…… so just trust us.

Israeli leaders have repeatedly said they would not contract out their country's security to another nation.  Translation – We have no confidence in your ability to stop Iran and we are going to do, what we are going to do, no matter what you say.  So make sure you are prepared because once we do it you will be sucked in.  Make sure you are ready.

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