Tuesday, October 20, 2015

China Still Hacking Away.....

“Chinese government hackers have attempted in the past few weeks to penetrate the networks of U.S. companies to steal their secrets despite a pledge by China’s president that they would not do so”
(WHATTTTTTT? I don’t believe it. The Chinese lied? There is no way.)
“Chinese hackers have targeted at least seven U.S. companies since President Xi Jinping vowed last month in Washington that his country would not conduct cyber-economic espionage — the theft of trade secrets andintellectual property for the benefit of the nation’s industries.”
(I cannot believe the Chinese president went to the White House, stood next to the president of the United States (clinked Champaign glasses together) and lied right to the presidents face. I just can’t believe it. The Communist Chinese are such honest and trustworthy allies. This article must be mistaken. I am sure the Chinese will be demanding an apology.)
“In the three weeks since Xi left Washington — including the day after he left, on Sept. 26 — hackers linked to the Chinese government have attempted to gain access to tech and pharmaceutical companies’ networks”
“the fresh efforts by Chinese hackers, if they prove to be part of a renewed campaign of commercial espionage in cyberspace, will put pressure on the Obama administration to hold China accountable.”
(Obama isn’t holding the Chinese accountable for anything. They got lots of weapons and most of our jobs. They can do whatever they want. The only thing Obama will do is hold a 3rd State Dinner to celebrate our good friends the Communists. With friends like them who needs enemies. )


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