Tuesday, October 27, 2015

New Stealth Bombers......Get Your Check Books Out.....

Get your check book ready……The government wants another bomber.
Today there is the B-52, and the B1, and The B2 Bombers. None of those have yet been successful in defeating ISIS, or Al Qaeda, or The Taliban, or deterring Putin, or Communist Chinese.
That means we need a new bomber.
They say this one will cost 500 million per plane.
Stop laughing.
They were serious when they said it.
The reality is when it done you can multiply that number by about 10.
These initial government estimates are always fairy tales.
They say this new plane will be ready by the mid 2020’s.
Stop laughing.
That means you should add 15 years to that estimate.
The problem is the government (and corporate America) sucks at estimating. Their numbers are just pulled out of thin air and represent nothing found in reality.
That doesn’t matter though because there is this…….
“William LaPlante, assistant secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, suggested the Air Force will offer a "cost-plus" contract to the winning firm, meaning the government will take on the risk of any cost overrun.”
Read that again slower…….”The government will take on the risk of any cost overruns……”
That means YOU will take on the risk of any cost overruns. It will come right out of your checking account. When their estimate turns out to be complete B.S. which it will........
Northrup Grumman will not be held responsible for their make believe numbers. Uncle Sam will just ring your door bell and stand out front with his hand out.
Today Jeb Bush announced his plan for Social Security. Instead of retiring at 65 you will be retiring at 70. That is 5 years Jeb won’t have to pay you Social Security. Good news for Jeb and good news for Northrup Grumman who will have that extra money to cover the costs of this next over budget (and behind schedule) project which is about to begin.
Money for your retirement….Well there is none.
Money for bombers…..Oh yeah…Getting that money is not even a problem.
Enjoy your new bombers. You are going to love them.


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