Saturday, November 21, 2015

Trump wants A Database for Somethings....Just The Wrong Things....

Tracking Muslims in a database……Yes “WE HAVE TO”.
Tracking gun sales in a database….NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.
So which kills more Americans each year? Muslim Terrorists or guns?
If you went to your local hospital (right now) and asked which do you see more of…..Victims of Muslim Terrorism? or victims of gun violence? What do you think the answer would be?
If you got in your car and drove to more hospitals (pick anyone you like) how many of them would tell you the bigger problem is Muslim Terrorism over gun violence?
Since 2001….. 406,496 people have died in the United States as the result of a gun
Since 2001….. 3,380 people have died in the United States as a result of terrorism (2,990 of those were 9/11)
How many times a month you buy toilet paper (at the supermarket) is located in database (somewhere) and that causes no issues. But what guns you own would somehow be a big problem. Not a real problem…… just a make believe problem. Those are the kind of problems the Republicans love best.
Yes Trump is laser focused on fixing the issue….He is just focused on the wrong issue.

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