Thursday, November 19, 2015

.0004% Not 98%

It is hard to know exactly how many terrorists there are because terrorists are notoriously lazy when filling out their census forms…..But I looked up some numbers and then rounded them up real high just to make my point.
For example the estimate I saw for ISIS was 20,000 fighters. So I rounded up to 100,000. I did the same for Al Qaeda, and Hezbollah, and Hamas, and the Taliban, and Al Shabaab. So I estimated 600,000 terrorists which is way high but still fine for this point.
There are 1,500,000,000 Muslims on the planet.
Minus the 600,000 terrorists leaves 1,499,600,000 Muslims who are NOT terrorists. Who do NOT want to kill everyone. Who just want to raise their family, and practice their religion, and not have everyone hate them.
So the percentage of Muslims who are terrorist is only .0004%
Yet listening to the Conservatives you would think the percentage is 98%
What we learn from this exercise is Conservatives suck at math.

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