Tuesday, November 10, 2015

GE helping India build 1000 Locomotives....USA Gets nothing as usual......

GE will build 1000 locomotives for India. 

First GE will spend 200 million to build a factory in India.  Then they will hire Indians to build the locomotives. 

The benefit of this deal to the United States of America.  ZERO!

GE CEO Jeff Immelt said in a statement. "It is a major advancement and milestone for India and for GE."

India wins.  GE wins.  United States gets nothing.

You remember Jeff Immelt...  President Obamas jobs czar.  Man tasked with finding out why America workers are all unemployed. Man charged with coming up with suggestions on how to fix it. 

Immelt no longer holds the job czar title. Now you know why….

GE did take plenty of Obama Stimulus money though.  Nothing better than free US Tax payer money.  

He then had his company pay $0.00 in US Taxes.  Now he is helping the Indian economy and the Indian workers.

Jeff Immelt.....What a guy…….Red, white and Blue through and through….

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