Thursday, November 5, 2015

US Aircraft Carriers becoming ineffective......

It is what I have been saying over and over and over and over……The USA has screwed it all up completely.
Corporations went over to Communist Red China and gave away all the secrets. They did that to get cheap labor. They did it to improve the bottom line. Congrats....
The “experts” said it would not affect US National Security. The “experts” are idiots.
The result of corporate America selling out the country are here for all to see.
The rise of new powers (China) now threatens to push the Navy farther from shore (what I have been saying) and beyond the range of the aircraft the carriers hold, according to the report written by naval expert Jerry Hendrix.
"This push back would limit the service's ability to project power and thus undermine the credibility of the United States."
The U.S. carrier fleet and its air wings, or the aircraft on board, have been considered the foundation of American naval power since the end of World War II. (Those days are coming to an end…..)
the report charges that a misguided decision over the past 20 years (Handing over all our top secret technology to Communist Red China was colossally stupid)
the development of new, anti-ship missile technology (Technology stolen from the United States) by several unfriendly nations (China), jeopardizes the safety of the American vessels.
"Today's carriers and their accompanying air wings, with their shrinking ability to project mass power at great distance,
represent 25 years of actively forgetting critical historical lessons,"
(Some of us have been screaming at the top of our lungs how stupid this all is…..Few people were listening.)
To counter the emerging threat posed by advanced anti-ship missile systems, the Navy has outfitted its newest destroyers and cruisers with advanced ballistic missile defense systems and is modernizing its ships and planes to include sensors and targeting systems that allow commanders, pilots and ship crews to share data with one another in real time.
The systems allow the group to "detect, track and destroy an approaching target from distances hundreds of miles over the horizon," Marks said
(Sounds real good….except last week the Russians were one mile away and none of this sophisticated technology detected anything…..It is all just a bunch of nonsense.)

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