Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pratt And Whitney and Their Iranian Spy......

When my dad worked at Pratt and Whitney the company used to be real serious about security. The cold war was on and it wasn’t a joke.
Today it is clearly a joke.
When my dad was interviewed for his job the company sent people to go talk to his neighbors and confirm he was a good guy. They did that and my dad is a US Citizen and has been his entire life.
Back in those serious days to get onto the East Hartford facility you had to drive through a guard shack. You needed a reason to be there or they turned you away.
If you got past the guard shack you still couldn’t get into any of the buildings without going through another guard desk.
Since those days the guard shacks have been torn down. F*ck it! The guards were all laid off. The runway has been turned into a Cabela’s….and the Uconn football stadium.
Today you can drive in and nobody will even look in your direction. Security costs money and not having security doesn’t. Awesome!
So this guys is a dual citizen of the United States and Iran.
Iran the country the United States has had no diplomatic (or economic) relations with since 1979. Iran has had sanctions because they attacked the US embassy and took our diplomats hostage.
Yet this guy shows up for a job and Pratt and Whitney says yeah sure….Come work for us. What do we care…...Here is access to all the most top secret projects our country is working on. The ones that have cost our tax payers a gazillion dollars. Take them home….Shared them with your friends.
Before the United States and Iran were enemies the two countries were friends. The United States sold Iran state of the art F-14 fighter planes. Iran still has (and uses) those F-14s today. The United States will not supply parts for those planes.
When the United States retired all our F-14 fighters instead of placing them in the airplane grave yard (out in the dessert) the government destroyed each and every one of them for the sole purpose of not allowing anyone from Iran to steal parts.
Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of fighter planes chopped into little pieces in the name of national Security. Today for the exception of one or two F-14’s sitting in museums there are none remaining.
Yet this Iranian wants a job at a military contractor in the United States and everyone says yeah sure….No problem. Come work for us. What could go wrong with that.
A former Connecticut resident has been sentenced to 97 months in jail for attempting to send sensitive technical data on the F-35 engine to Iran.
Beginning in 2009, Khazaee corresponded by email with an individual in Iran to whom he sent sensitive documents containing information about the Joint Strike Fighter program.
(The first sentence says he “Attempted to send”. The second sentence says “He sent” Which is it? Did he send it or not? Shi*tty journalism.)
Federal agents began investigating Khazaee in 2013 when he attempted to send a large shipping container (A LARGE SHIPPING CONTAINER????) to Iran.
(They started investigating in 2013 but he began sending sensitive info in 2009…..Not good)
When agents inspected the container, they found thousands (THOUSANDS) of pages of documents, including diagrams, test results and blueprints of the F-35 and F-22 engines, according to the statement.
In addition to the F-35 and F-22 materials, Khazaee also stole documents from numerous other U.S. military engine programs, including the V-22 Osprey, the C-130J Hercules and the Global Hawk engines, according to the statement.
(Remember when Iran STOLE a US stealth drone…I wonder if this guys “thousands of pages” of documents helped in that effort.)

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