Monday, November 2, 2015

Don't Look Now Boeing and Airbus....Here Comes China......

Boeing and Airbus went over to Communist Red China and showed them how to make airliners. 

They did that so they could save money on high priced American workers. 

American workers are annoying.  They want to be paid good wages.  They want healthcare insurance.  They want disability insurance.  They only want to work an 8 hour day.  They want vacation days.  They want sick days.  They want to be treated fairly.  They want and they want and they want.  It infuriates corporate America. 

So companies like Boeing found the solution.  Go to China.  Pay slave wages.  Pollute the environment. Treat workers like sh*t.  It is a big win for all involved. 

Just show the Communists how to build your fancy airliners and have them do it for you.  Hand over all the trade secrets.  Hold nothing back.  It is a big win for everyone and it shows the selfish American workers they are not needed.
But OOPS…..Oh look Communist Red China is now building their own airliners.  They took all the technology and secrets and will now build their own planes.  Boeing will get $0.00.

CONGRATULATIONS…….Boeing and Airbus.  You guys are idiots…….How does it feel?

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