Friday, November 6, 2015

Zuckerberg Saving The Schools...As Long as He Gets Credit.....

Zuckerberg donated 100 million bucks to fix a school system and he is all excited about the good results he got.
That is good news.
The Billionaires realizing their money can be used for the common good is a great thing. He shouldn’t stop there. He is worth 46 Billion. 100 million is peanuts. He should donate 40 billion (to fixing the schools) and keep 6 billion for himself.
He will still be filthy rich. He can still afford mansions, and sports cars, and hot tubs, and limousines, and big screen TV’s, and private planes…. plus the schools will be improved. Everyone wins.
Then we won’t have to hear about art classes that have no art supplies…….. or music classes that have no instruments. Mark could fix all of that real easy and feel good about him self too.
This is why it is so silly that all the Republican presidential candidates are talking about lowering taxes. Lowering taxes do not help the schools. Raising taxes (on the top 1%) will help the schools.
Since these same folks have already received tax breaks (for the last 15 years) it really shouldn’t be a big deal when their taxes go up a little.
Mark Zuckerberg will attest to the good work their money could be doing. He has shown us all first hand. He is practically gloating.
Since most of these billionaires only pretend to give their money away I think a good way to insure it actually happens is by raising their taxes.
Sure they will piss and moan about it but that is OK. We are all happy to listen to Billionaires whine for a while. We can even pretend we sympathize….. even though in reality we won’t give a sh*t at all.
It is funny how the billionaires love to tell us how they are giving all their money away…… but if it is taken away in taxes somehow that is an outrage. You weren’t going to spend it anyway…… so don’t even worry about it.

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