Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Communist Red China Choking On Pollutions.....

Communist Red China Choking on Pollution.
This is what Corporate America wants the United States to look like.
When they tell you there are too many damned regulations. This is what they are talking about.
China has no environmental regulations. They don’t give a sh*t. The people care….. but the government doesn’t. The government runs the country. They are only too happy to let companies do whatever they want.
If you let the Republicans have their way they would get rid of the EPA. They would get rid of all the environmental regulations and the United States could look exactly like Communist Red China.
Doesn't that excite you?
Companies would win. Politicians would win…… and you and your family would lose. Sounds great to them.....
All you have to do is stand up and voice your support for more and more and more deregulation.
Take a good look at the pictures in this article. Really look at them. This is the result you get when there are no regulations. When companies can do whatever they choose. What they choose is to pollute.
The jobs went to china. The money went to china. The pollution also went to China.
If you would stop whining and allow that pollution to come to the United States maybe we could have more US jobs here again.
If you insist on having a clean environment the jobs are not coming back.
Your politicians (Republican and Democrat) have made sure of that.
A thick cloud of toxic smog which was MORE THAN 50 TIMES the recommended health limits has blanketed northeast China, in what appears the worst bout of pollution in the notoriously hazy country on record.
Pollution is a major source of anger for many Chinese, and despite he country’s Communist leaders repeatedly saying that they are tackling it, large swathes of the country are regularly clouded in toxic haze.
Levels of poisonous airborne particles known as PM 2.5 reached 1,157 micrograms per cubic metre on Sunday.
Further north in Changchun, the capital of Jilin province, PM 2.5 levels where at 860 micrograms per cubic metre on Monday.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends the safe level of PM 2.5 to be 25 micrograms over 24-hours.
“When you go out you feel the air burns your eyes, your throat hurts, so you go buy a mask. But it really isn’t clear what we should be doing."
“I have to get indoors. My eyes hurt,” said one netizen on Sina Weibo. “This is disgusting weather. My throat feels raw with pain,” posted another.
Pollution accounts for the premature deaths of hundreds of thousands of people each year in China, and causes a range of health problems for many, particularly young children and the elderly.
Greenpeace released a report last month saying levels of PM 2.5 in 367 Chinese cities that it surveyed were more than four times WHO guidelines.
The study also said pollution levels in 80 percent of the cities ”greatly exceeded” China’s own national standards, which is significantly less than the WHO benchmark.
Additional reporting by Ailin Tang.

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