Saturday, November 7, 2015

Warren Buffet Laying Off Thousands at Kraft and Enjoying RECORD PROFITS....

Last summer Warren Buffet bought Kraft Foods. 

Analysts said it was going to be a tough company to grown profits.  

Not tough for Warren though.  He is closing 7 factories and laying off 5,000 employees.  Awesome! 

The result is RECORD profits. 

This is the season of giving and what Warren Buffet is giving is lots of pink slips.  In order for the second richest man to get more money he had two choices.  
1) Sell more boxes of Macaroni and Cheese.  


2) Fire a lot of people. 

Either option would make Warren more money. 

As a true capitalist Warren chose the easiest route.  Firing people is always the best way to go.  Makes your feel great and brings quick results. 

Why should Warren pay workers during this holiday season when he can keep the money for himself. 

Everyone loves Warren Buffet and what is not to love. …. He is a true American Hero.  A big cuddly teddy bear.

Happy holidays from the Buffets…..If you can’t afford a turkey this holiday season try the food bank.  Warren will be on his private plane admiring his bank statements.

Food company Kraft Heinz Co. announced the layoffs of 2,600 employees and the closing of seven plants in an effort to increase the profitability at the mammoth food-beverage company.

Kraft Heinz's announce comes months after it eliminated 2,500 jobs, largely at Kraft's Northfield, Ill. headquarters. Between the two rounds of job reductions, about 10 percent of the combined workforce will be eliminated.

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway said quarterly profit doubled to a RECORD HIGH, reflecting a large gain on its stake in Kraft Heinz Co.

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