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11/22/1963.....Part 3


Part 3 -

People who reject anything other than “Oswald acted alone” point out that if this was really a CIA plot at some point (in the last 52 years) somebody would have come forward and admitted it. 

In fact people have come forward.  Every time it has happened the person coming forward either ends up dead or they are simply not believed.

One of the people that came forward and admitted it was a CIA plot was E Howard Hunt. 

Who was E Howard Hunt? 

E Howard Hunt was in the CIA.  He was involved in the Bay of Pigs.   He was a lead architect of the Watergate Break-in.  He was caught and went to jail over Watergate.  For decades he was accused of being involved in the Kennedy assassination.  He denied it.

When E Howard Hunt was in jail (For Watergate) he demanded hundreds of thousands of dollars from Richard Nixon.  Nixon went to great lengths to keep Hunt happy.  There are transcripts (you can view) of Nixon discussing the importance of Hunt getting what he wants.... so he does not talk. 

What was Hunt going to say that was so bad?  Everyone already knew about the break in.  What more could there be?  Nixon can be heard discussing raising a million dollars (if necessary) to keep Hunt happy and quiet.  Nixon is quoted as saying he didn’t want Hunts involvement in “the Whole bay of Pigs thing” to come up.  He said it would open a lot of "scabs".  What did Nixon care about the Bay of Pigs?  That was a decade earlier and had nothing to do with him.  Yet Nixon was frightened of Hunt and paid the requested hush money. People have theorized "the bay of pigs thing" was code for the Kennedy assassination.

While Hunt was in Jail (extorting money from Nixon) Hunts wife died in a mysterious plane crash in Detroit.

After JFK was shot there were three Hobo’s removed (and detained by police) from train cars behind Dealey plaza.  Pictures of the Hobos (Later referred to as the Three Tramps) being led away by Dallas police were in multiple newspapers the day after the assassination. 

In 1968 Jim Garrison went on the tonight show with Johnny Carsen and showed pictures of these men and said he thought they worked for the CIA.  He stated he wanted to know who they were and he was looking for information.  He said the Dallas police had no record of having these men in custody.

After Watergate, when E Howard Hunt became a household name, people pointed to the three tramps and said E Howard Hunt looked like one of the Tramps.  They said Frank Sturgis (Another CIA agent involved in the Watergate break-in) looked like another Tramp.  

There were other people who also claimed E Howard Hunt was in Dallas during the assassination.  

E Howard Hunt filed a lawsuit against one of the people who claimed he was in Dallas. Hunt stated he was not in Dallas and connecting him to the assassination was ruining his reputation.  Hunt lost that court case.

E Howard Hunt testified before Congress (in the 70’s) that it was not him in Dallas, and he was not involved with the assassination.  If he stated otherwise he would have gone to jail.

In 2004 when E Howard Hunt was on his death bed he made audio and video tapes admitting his involvement with the assassination of President Kennedy.  You can go on Youtube (right now) and watch the tapes for yourself.  E Howard Hunt said he was a “bench warmer” in the operation called “The Big Event”.  He said the whole thing was controlled by LBJ.  He said the CIA operation was led by Cord Meyer.

Who was Cord Meyer? 

Cord Meyer was a high level CIA agent.  Cord Meyer had reported to Allan Dulles.  (Allan Dulles was the Director of the CIA.  Allan Dulles was Fired By John Kennedy.  Allen Dulles was on The Warren Commission) Cord Meyer was involved in Operation Mockingbird which was the CIA operation that manipulated the US Media.  

Cord Meyer did not like JFK.  Cord Meyers ex-wife (Mary Pinchot Meyer) was having an affair with John F Kennedy. 

After John F Kennedy was gunned down (in broad daylight in front of hundreds of witnesses) Mary Pinchot told her friends that she feared for her life.  She feared she would be killed.  She told her friends she kept a journal (with details of her affair with Kennedy) and if anything happened to her please go and retrieve the journal.

In 1964 Mary Pinchot Meyer was murdered in broad daylight on a walking path in Georgetown.  That murder remains unresolved to this day. 

See when the CIA kills people nobody ever figures it out.  Killing people is one of the things the CIA does.  They are really good at it.  It is part of their job description.  They are not supposed to be doing it in the United States.  But there is nothing stopping them.  What are you going to do about it?  You going to call 911……

After Mary Pinchot Meyer was murdered her sister went to her house to retrieve the journal.  When she arrived (with her husband Ben Bradlee….Editor of the Washington Post) they were shocked to find James Angleton already inside the locked house.....James was also looking for the journal. 

Who is James Angleton?  James Angleton was in the CIA.  He was friends with Cord Meyer.  (The Robert Deniro CIA Movie “The Good Shepherd”…..The lead character is based on James Angleton) James located the journal and it was later destroyed.  Problem solved.

E Howard Hunt named other CIA agents who he said were also involved in the assassination.  I won’t go through all the names but you can look them up.

The response to E Howard Hunts admission that the assassination of the President of The United States was actually a coupe carried out by the CIA…...  The national media collectively yawned.  The government ignored the information entirely.  The average person on the street knows nothing about any of this, and most likely doesn't care. 

Just how the government wants it.

Part 4 to follow……After part 4 you can return to your lives.

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