Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Trump Keeping Carrier Jobs In USA.......

President Trump bringing back the jobs. Just like he said.
This is the issue he ran on. This is the issue he won on. Here he is following through on his promise.
This is unchartered territory…..Having a candidate do what he said is unprecedented. Not sure the American people will know how to respond to this behavior.
Is this the greatest deal ever? NO! But it is something. It is more than President Obama has delivered. Obama didn’t make a speech. He didn’t make a phone call . He didn’t show outrage. He didn’t do anything. Just like he always does when the jobs leave.
Obama could have delivered……... It wasn’t hard. He could have achieved what Trump just achieved…….. but he didn’t care. Not even a little bit. Mr. hope and change was a fraud.
In August when Carrier announced the jobs were leaving (and the video went viral on the internet) Trump stepped up and said this cannot stand. What was President Obamas response? Nothing. What was Hillary Clintons response? Nothing. Same response they always have when jobs hemorrhage out of the country.
Jobs leaving is the price of globalization…….. and Obama is fine with that. One day you had a job (and could pay your bills and feed your family) and the next day your job left. That is how it works. You are supposed to just accept it with a smile.
In Britain they said ENOUGH……. we are not accepting this anymore. In the US they said the same thing. No more.
Here Trump is doing exactly what he said he would do. He could have easily ignored the Carrier workers…..But he didn’t.
Hopefully this behavior will continue.

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