Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Illegal Immigration rights Going To Supreme Court.

As everyone hyperventilates about Trumps threat to deport illegal aliens.......... nobody even notices that Barack Obama has deported more Illegals than any president in history.
Illegal Aliens call Obama the "Deporter in chief".
Yet even though he is breaking records nobody calls Obama a racist. Nobody gets mad, or protests, or even notices what is going on.
When it is Trump everyone loses their mind. When it is Obama everyone just yawns and shrugs. Same policies.....One is a racist.....One is an all around great guy.
The illegal immigrants Obama hasn't yet deported are thrown in jail indefinitely. Record amounts of illegal aliens sitting in jail cells never getting a day in court. They are not happy about this.
Does Barack Obama have the authority to lock up illegal aliens indefinitely without a day in court? Check back next June and we will have the answer.
In the mean time get back to calling Trump every name in the book....But please pay no attention to what Barack Obama is doing.......... as he jails and deports record numbers of illegal Aliens.
"Under the Obama administration, immigration detention has skyrocketed to record levels," said Cecilia Wang, the director of the ACLU Immigrants' Rights Project and a lawyer for the class of immigrants. Wang said the case "is fundamentally about whether the executive branch (Obama) has unchecked power to detain someone without a hearing --something that is contrary to the most basic principles behind the founding of the United Sates."
The case, brought by a class of immigrants who seek hearings to prove that they are neither flight risk nor a danger to society, comes at a time when immigration groups lament the fact that the Obama administration deported record numbers of immigrants.

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