Saturday, December 3, 2016

China Upset With Trump......Good!

People aren't getting it.......  

The status quo is dead.  DEAD!  It is lying on a hospital gurney with a toe tag.  Whatever usually is accepted as the way things are done are now over.

The Status quo is for the United States to ignore the Democracy in Taiwan to not upset the Communist Dictatorship in China.  

Everyone has to walk on egg shells to not upset the Communists.  Trump just stomped on the basket of eggs and good for him for doing it.

The United States is supposed to support Democracy.  There is nothing wrong with a phone call to another functioning democracy.  It is a good thing.  It should be celebrated.  If Communist Red China is unhappy then GOOD.

Communist Red China should not waste all their energy being upset about this  Taiwan phone call.  They will need a lot more energy to complain when Trump brings all the US jobs back to the United States.  When that happens (and the Communist government has no money) they too will understand the status quo is dead.  

Trump should encourage Taiwan to declare their independence.  You think China is upset today wait till that day arrives.  

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