Tuesday, August 4, 2015

ObamaCares Merger Mania.......

You hear a lot of people complaining about Obamacare.   

Republicans love to complain about it.  Fox news hasn't stopped complaining about it for years now.   
But who you will NEVER hear complain about Obamacare are the insurance companies.  They are rolling in cash.  They don't know what to do with all the money coming in.  Your money....Government money......It is piling up everywhere. 

They could use that money to lower the cost for consumers (stop laughing) but nobody gives a sh*t about consumers.  The last thing Capitalism is about are consumers. 

Instead Insurance companies are using the money to gobble each other up.  After all nothing helps the consumer like less choices.  Nothing drives down prices like less competition.   
You can't afford Health Insurance today..... but just wait until there are only a handful of Gianormous companies left to choose from.   

Remember how the Consumer benefited when the airlines all merged together.  Less leg room, No meals, and lots of baggage fees.  Remember that? Remember how great that was?  

Remember how great it was when all the cable companies merged together and prices plummeted and the consumer benefited.  Remember that?  Yeah I don't remember that either.   

So now the out of control insurance companies and getting even bigger...... and even more powerful.  The best part is they are doing it with your money.... and the governments money (which is still your money) and the result is you will soon be screwed even harder.   

I know you don't think that is possible but that is just because you are naive.   

In a few months you will see the rates for 2016 and do you think they will be higher or lower?  Do you think your deductible will be higher or lower? Do you think your copay will be higher or lower?  This is capitalism baby......The greatest system ever devised.   

Every year you get to pay more and more and more, and in return you get less and less and less.  It is an awesome system that benefits a select few at the expense of the many.   

If you are upset about how much you are paying today you should just settle down because you ain't seen nothing yet.  The party has just begun. 

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