Sunday, December 4, 2016

Trump Doubles Down on Tarriffs.....GOOD!

He said it before the election and millions ran to the voting booth to vote for him.
Now the election is over (he won) and he is still saying it. That is unprecedented.
Lots of people say things before the election. Obama said all kinds of stuff before his elections. Then after he won he didn't mean any of it.
To have a candidate say it before and then again after.......I mean wow.
At this point even if Trump doesn't do the tariffs he has still changed the narrative for US workers.
Now for the first time any company that plans to leave the United States has to think long and hard if the public humiliation is going to be worth it. That has never been the case before. Previous to Trump there was no consequence of any kind to commit Treason against the United States. Today there is. If you throw on the 35% tariff that is more good news across the board. This is truly a sea change to business as usual.
The interesting part is corporate America seems totally fine with it. The Stock Market is way up since Trump won the election.
We may actually be heading towards a time when the workers win AND the companies win too.
You have to go back decades to find the last time that was the case.
In a series of tweets Sunday morning, Trump pledged to lower corporate taxes across the board. But he also said he would charge a hefty 35% tax for "any business that leaves our country for another country, fires its employees, [or] builds a new factory or plant in the other country, and ... sell[s] its product back into the U.S." (YES!!!!!)
Trump argued that those companies deserve "retribution." He said businesses that want to offshore jobs have been "forewarned." (Makes me stand up and clap)

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