Friday, August 14, 2015

Modelez Killing US jobs.......

Modelez the maker of Oreo cookies is laying off 600 American workers and moving production to Mexico.
“The company, she added, was hoping for input from the unions to address the $46 million gap between the cost of operating in Chicago and in Mexico. "We invited the unions to bring forward any input they had and thoughts they had to address that gap," said Guzzinati, adding that the unions' "input did not provide a measurably impactful way to close the gap" between the costs in Chicago and Mexico.”
They should have asked me……I could help them in about 2 seconds.
They want to save 46 million…..No problem.
1) Fire the CEO…..There is 21 million saved. I typed 8 words and saved 21 million. That wasn’t even hard.
2) ) Hire some people. People who have jobs are more likely to buy Oreo cookies.
The reason sales are always down (which they are) is because stupid corporations lay everyone off….all the time. Then they scratch their head and wonder why unemployed people just leave the Oreos the shelf.
If they just call me I could explain why. It is really not that complicated at all.
If these companies laid off the stupid incompetent leadership (instead of the workers) they would reach their savings in no time…..
So the CEO of Mondelez (after presiding over lower sales) was rewarded with a $7,000,000.00 pay increase. That is not her salary mind you….. that is just her raise.
Profit fell 35%
and the CEO was rewarded (for that failure) with an additional 7 million bucks. Nice job!
Did you get a 7 million dollar raise? Do you know anyone who got a 7 million dollar raise. Well obviously you didn’t fail enough. You need to fail more for your company to notice your accomplishments.
Normally when you fail miserably you get fired. But not these geniuses. Lower sales…..fantastic. Take a stack of money with you when you leave. If the money doesn’t exist just lay off a bunch of your workers. Laying off workers is always the cure all for every corporate problem. Whatever is wrong can be solved with layoffs. They also make you feel great.
Enjoy those Oreos……

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